Our Wines

Bodegas Hydria creatividad

4 Acordes

It embodies the freshness and vitality characteristic of the altitude where the Macabeo grape flourishes splendidly.

4 Cuerdas bajo velo de flor

Challenging the ordinary, a white wine that presents a soul evoking the depth and intensity of a red.

7 Sostenidos

Imagine a wine that sketches a landscape of flavours, where the grapes Monastrell, Garnacha and Syrah grapes intertwine in a captivating and fresh blend.

12 Compases

It is the fusion of the best of two worlds: the intensity of the Monastrell and the silky smoothness of the Tempranillo, a perfect balance between strength and elegance, creating a sensory experience that evokes juicy and ripe black fruits with spicy notes that add a vibrant touch.

88 Teclas

Taste a wine that arises from the eldest roots of our noble Monastrell variety.

1000 Acordes

From the highest plot of our vineyard, where the sun’s rays gently caress it, is born a wine that embodies the ultimate expression of our terroir.