1000 Acordes

Denomination of origin: PDO BULLAS
Grape Variety: 100% Monastrell
Alcohol: 15,5%
Brand: 1000 ACORDES
Vintage: 2019
Production: Limited edition 1.094 bottles
Located in a natural environment, mountain range in Brunete, Lavia and Cambrón in the Valley named Hoya de los Hermanos (Cehegín, Murcia) at an altitude of about 800 meters at the foot of the North face of the mountain range in Lavia.Organic viticulture. Monastrell, The higest Hoya de los Hermanos vineyard of more than 50 years in gobelet training. Production 700 kg per hectarea.
Limestone composition and clay-franc texture, allowing lengthen ripening so as to obtain a higher polymerization of polyphenols providing good structure to the vineyard wine
Mediterranean. Mild winters and warm summers. Little rainfall. The mountains that surround this valley create a particular microclimate, protecting the vineyard from frost and strong winds
Fresh year, mild winter and not very hot summer
It was held on October the second week 2019. Manual collection in 16 kg boxes.
Vinified in stainless steel tanks. Selection on table. Destemmed and soft grape crushing. Minimal intervention wines. Neither stabilised nor crarified. Cold pre-fermentation maceration to enhance the aromatic and gustatory complexity, as well as its color. Low temperature fermentation with gentle pump-overs. Malolatic fermentation in barrels.
12 months on french oak barrels (500L)